Buying and Selling

Buyer’s FAQ’s

How do I bid?

When you arrive you will need to register with us. For first time buyers we may need some form of identification.

We will provide you with a paddle number. You will usually have the same paddle number for each sale. Listen carefully for the lot which interests you and when you wish to bid hold up the paddle number high so the auctioneer can clearly see your bid. Contrary to popular opinion we will not take a bid on a scratched head, or a wink. It is important to note that all bids are legally binding.

If you are the winning bidder you will need to hold your number up again so you can be recorded as the successful buyer.

Do I have to attend the auction?

No, it’s fun if you do, but our auctions are also run live on In order to bid this way you will need to register with the web site before the sale begins. You should bear in mind that you will have to pay a small extra fee which goes to the website operators (3% hammer price).

Commission bidding

The other option is to leave a commission bid with us before the sale begins. This is your best offer on the item and will be entered as a bid when the auction is begun. A commission bid will always be taken as your maximum, if the final bid is lower you will pay the lower amount. Absentee bids can also be left via

Telephone bidding

It is possible to arrange a bid via the telephone by prior arrangement with the office. This service is only offered on items estimated above £50.

Buyer’s Premium

Each lot is subject to a buyer’s premium of 15% + VAT of the hammer price with the minimum of £4.00 per lot sold under £20.

How do I pay?

We take payment in pounds sterling after all the lots have been auctioned. It is important that you are aware that you will have to pay buyers premium of 18% inc. VAT on top of the final bid price. The minimum buyers premium is £4 per lot sold under £20. The following methods of payment may be made: debit card, cash, bank transfer and cheque. Credit cards are only accepted if you are paying in person and there will be a small fee for this.

Sellers FAQ’s

How is my item valued?
Items can be brought in for a free valuation and if you wish to sell them we will help you realise the best possible price.
Alternatively, please email an image of the object to

How do I know how much my item will sell for?
Although we give the best possible advice the valuation can only ever be an estimate of the value and is only for guidance. When you decide to sell you can set a reserve price. This means that the item will not be sold for a lesser amount, but may go for considerably more. Reserves can only be set up on an item of £50 or more.

How much does it cost?
Our fees will be deducted from buyers payment before we transfer monies to you. There is a £3 lotting fee for placing the item into sale. Vendors commission is 15% + VAT and there is also a 1% + VAT insurance charge.
There is no charge if a lot goes unsold.

What if it doesn’t sell?
Occasionally an item will not gain interest and will not attract bids as expected, it is usual to offer these items for resale at a later date. However, if you choose not to they can be withdrawn. If an item does not make the reserve price you may have an opportunity to
consider the highest bid, if it is close to the reserve. If you do not wish to re-offer the item for sale again please make arrangements with us to collect it within three working days of the sale or it will automatically be catalogued in our upcoming sale. If an item happens to
not sell after three sales and is not collected the item will be sold for its best possible price with no reserve.

How will I receive my payment?
The profit from the sale, less the fees will be paid by cheque or bank transfer within 28 working days.

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